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Learn more about  NJSCA's offerings and resources. See link below

Remote Learning

  1. ASCA Planning for Virtual/Distance School Counseling During an Emergency Shutdown

  2. ASCA School Counseling During COVID-19 Online Lessons and Resources



College/Career (High School)

  1. Cool Jobs for Kids

  2. Know Before You Go (narrated power point)

  3. Resume & Interview Building


Social & Emotional Development (High School)

  1. Stress Management (narrated power point)

  2. Remote Learning Resources to Give to Parents and Educators

  3. Ted Talk – The Power of Vulnerability

  4. Ted Talk – What I Learned from 100 Days of Rejection

  5. How to Gain Control of your Free Time

  6. Articles & Discussion Questions: 

    1. Emotional Intelligence

    2. The Discomfort You Are Feeling is Grief -


Social & Emotional Development (Middle School)

  1. Coping Skills & Stress Management (narrated power point)

  2. Growth Mindset (narrated power point)

  3. Teaching Tolerance

    1. Nearpod lesson: My Multicultural Self

    2. Nearpod lesson: The Civil Rights Movement – A Time to Speak 

  4. SEL Lessons

    1. Nearpod Maintaining Emotional Wellness

    2. Nearpod Fitting In – How to Make Friends

    3. Nearpod My Emotional Cup -


* has a lot of different lessons to choose from and signing up is FREE


Social & Emotional Development (Elementary School)

  1. “Captain Compassion” Bullying Prevention Video

  2. Worry Warriors -

  3. Mind Yeti Free Guided Mindfulness Sessions

  4. The Imagine Neighborhood: his new podcast for families is designed to help children and grown-ups practice their social/emotional skills. Each episode tells a story that’s amazing, fantastical and maybe a little bananas, while it tackles the big feelings that come with growing up.

  5. Books About Kindness

    1. Kindness is Cooler, Mrs. Ruler

    2. Have you Filled a Bucket Today?

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